Come and enjoy our cast of living historical characters, telling the story of the "Pioche Stampede" in the first person. In 1876 miners, store owners and tradesmen and gunslingers rushed to the new silver discovery in Southern Utah sandstone and the town of Silver Reef was born! Glen Zumwalt will present the history and our characters will play their roles out for you.

Cast of Characters:
*John Rice-Banker, entrepreneur (Dick Kohler)
*Captain Henry Lubbock- Mgr of Christy Mining Co. (Alan Cohn)
*William Tecumsch Barbee- Owner of Barbee/Walker Mining Co.
Credited for starting the Pioche Stampede (Glen Zumwalt)
*Father John Scanlon- Pioche / Silver Reef priest (Tom Darton)
*Michael Carbis- Prominent citizen of Silver Reef and murder victim
Also known to be a member of the Freemasons (Michael Moon)

You will learn and experience the role the silver mining town of Pioche, NV played in the establishment of Silver Reef as a mining town. Hear from the characters, the role they played in Pioche, and why they moved to Silver Reef, and how they prospered on the silver in the sandstone that became our Silver Reef history.

Glen Zumwalt, has experience as an engineer, mine manager and executive. He is retired and lives with his wife in Silver Reef. Glen is a regular docent and supporter of Silver Reef Museum, and also loves the outdoors and the countryside of So. UT.

Cost $4. (includes museum admission, mine tour, and Chinese exhibit)
Reservations suggested: or call 435.879.2254
Experience the 
"Pioche Stampede" 
of 1876!