Agriculture and Water!  Lynne Clark / St George Art Museum

​Arts to Zion Showcase at Gallery 35:

"Snapshots! Washington County Works!” Agriculture and Water!
A Silver Reef Museum, Lynne Clark and the St George Art Museum collaborative exhibit

 This collaborative exhibit, featuring some of our museums in Washington County, is part of the Arts to Zion Showcase 
year-long series of collaborations with Washington County arts and cultural organizations in preparation for the 
Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street exhibition, 
“The Way We Worked.” Brought to Washington County by Utah Humanities, 
the exhibit will be hosted by the Silver Reef Museum in Leeds, UT 
September 15 to November 4, 2017.

 In anticipation, the Silver Reef Museum, Lynne Clark and the St George Art Museum
have collaborated to present a unique exhibit at the 
Arts to Zion Showcase/Gallery 35, located in the Downtown Historic District, 35 Main St., St. George.  

Lynne Clark- historian/photographer and author of “Images of Faith” 
Beginning in April and continuing for the succeeding seven months, Lynne will draw from the 55 years of photo collection creating the 
“Snapshots! Washington County Works! series of historic photos, 
featuring the people of Southern Utah – and how they worked.
The St George Art Museum will also be collaborating with some of their permanent collection “Southwest Utah Historical Photo Collection” 
of Lynne Clark’s work, rounding out the exhibit featuring Agriculture and Water!

The exhibit will expose the public to both the Silver Reef Museum,  Lynne Clark and the St George Art Museum as resources to learn more 
about the place in which we live and how the work lives of the area’s people contribute to our community.

 This exploration of work in Washington County is part of a “kick off” as our community prepares to host the traveling Smithsonian exhibition 
“The Way We Worked,” which examines the importance of work as it relates to individuals and the culture of the community in which they live.  

One of the "Snapshots! Washington County Works! series- Agriculture and Water!.,an Arts to Zion Showcase collaborative exhibit, 
as well as programming at Silver Reef Museum and Dinosaur Discovery Site Museum, 
have been supported in part by your 
Washington County Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax. Thank you for your support!

“The Way We Worked” has been made possible in Utah by Utah Humanities. The exhibition, created by the National 
Archives, is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide.  
Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.

he Washington County, UT tour of “The Way We Worked” is hosted by the Silver Reef Museum, Leeds, UT.