Babylon Area Mill & Mines
The Babylon Area, which is part of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve accessed by Babylon Road, has several visible remnants from  the  mining operations that went on there in the late 1800's. Together, with its scenic splendor and many recreational opportunities, this area provides a great place to spend a good part of the day.

Now for the bad news. The access road can be rough, sand covered, and limited to only one full-sized vehicle in some stretches. Four wheeled high clearance vehicles should handle most of these challenges, although ATV / UTV's will have few problems with getting stuck or passing other vehicles if care is taken. Regular drive autos do frequent the Sand Cove parking lot midway in the preserve, however, the mine shafts, tailing piles, and mill site are beyond that. Problems encountered would probably relate most to road conditions which vary over the year depending on maintenance schedules, and the number of other vehicles in this part of the preserve which is usually higher on the weekends. 

To get to the Babylon area from Silver Reef, head back towards Leeds. Turn left onto Main Street and head north out of town. In about a half mile turn right onto Babylon Rd. Keep going until you enter the preserve, then you are on your own. No toilets or potable water are available in this part of the reserve.

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746