Buckeye Reef Mines
Many mines were dug into Buckeye Reef and Tecumseh Hill at its north end. Reasonably good access to this site is available by Bonanza Flatts Road (back towards Leeds, first gravel road on the right), but the old roads to the mining areas beyond Bonanza Flatts Road are generally in very poor condition. Without an off-road vehicle, it might be better to walk at this point, parking along the side of Bonanza Flatts Road. 

This area is privately owned, so when accessing it, please be respectful of the owners rights. Obey any signs, do not try to enter fenced in areas, do not damage or deface structures, do not take anything that you may find,  or leave garbage / litter behind. Entry is at your own risk, and the owner is not responsible for your safety, or harm inflicted by others or the property itself.

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746