2020 Calendar - Special Events

July 25: Fire Ecology - Pine Valley Mountain
  Lecture: USFS  10am to 11am   -   $4
August 22: Mine Explorations on AZ Strip
  Lecture: Milt Hokansen & Greg Woodall  10am to 11am   -   $4
September 26: Silver Reef Women's 
                            Untold Stories
  Lecture: Pat Cundick, Elain Young, Susan Savage, 
                   LoAnne Barnes & Judy Henck  10am to 11am   -   $4
October 23 & 24: Ghost Nights
  Each Night  7pm to 9pm   -   $7
November 21: Amazing Landscapes
                        of SW Utah
  Lecture: Cliff Bandringa  10am to 11am   -   $4
Due to COVID-19, the following scheduled events are still tentative and may be canceled or rearranged due to imposed requirements.