Charcoal Kiln Trail  & Drive
A historic charcoal kiln used to produce fuel for the steam powered mills in Silver Reef during its heyday still exists intact, not far from the Museum. The kiln is now featured in a Children's Forest park located within the Dixie National Forest. The park has a half mile walking trail, resting benches, picnic table, and descriptive interpretive signs that were written and drawn by children for children. Unfortunately many of the signs have deteriorated to the point of being unreadable. The trails however are well maintained, as are the benches and the bridge that goes to the kiln. The park is a great place for families to enjoy the surrounding pigmy forest, mountain streams, and the historical kiln. The small parking area only holds 3 cars, so the park is rarely overrun with visitors. No potable water or toilets are available near the park.

From Silver Reef head back towards Leeds, but when you come back to the main road, turn left instead of right. At this point the main road changes its name to Oak Grove Road. Past the speed bumps and Leeds Creek bridge the road will turn to gravel as it enters Dixie National Forest and becomes Forest Road 032 which goes for almost 3 miles before you reach the kiln. Normal autos can easily traverse this road, although it can be quite dusty in the summer and impassible in the winter. Also, shortly into it you will come to a short stretch with a steep bank to a river on the right that is only passable by one car at a time. Be on the lookout for approaching traffic so you don't get stuck with backing up on this stretch. Finally, with less than a mile to go, 032 will veer off to the right towards Oak Grove Campground and the kiln. On your way back down after enjoying the park you will have several impressive views of Zion National Park and the mesas to the east. 

The road does continue up to the Oak Grove Campground at above 6,000 feet elevation. Although still passable by normal vehicles, the road is both rougher and narrower on this part. Be on the lookout for any approaching vehicles around turns and steep slopes .

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746