Shop Amazon Smiles and they will donate .5% to the Silver Reef Foundation
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There are many ways to donate resources to help keep the Silver Reef Museum and grounds open to the public. The Silver Reef Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation, so all contributions are potentially eligible for tax deductions depending on current IRS regulations. Significant cash donations may be made for general operations, or reserved by the contributor for the purposes of a specific activity, program, or stated goal of the Foundation.  Items needed by the Foundation to carry out its activities and programs may also be contributed. And of course there is always the  ever present donation box prominent in the Museum and at special events.
There are two other ways to make a contribution to the Silver Reef Foundation without hurting your pocket book one bit. Amazon and Smith's Marketplace both have matching programs for giving a percentage of your purchases to the Silver Reef Foundation, Inc. When you make a purchase at Smith's, please fill out their form so the Foundation can get credit for it. With Amazon go to their amazonsmile site (which has the same prices as their regular one) and follow their instructions. A little extra effort, but a whole lot of good for the benefit of Silver Reef.

Recently thousands of dollars in generous contributions raised to help stabilize the remaining Main Street ruin walls were used just in time to keep the walls from falling over.
The same is desperately needed for the Lubbock House ruins which are very popular with both amateur and professional photographers alike.