Silver Reef Foundation, Inc.
The Silver Reef Foundation, Inc. was established in  2013 to run the Museum and the rest of the buildings and grounds at  Silver Reef, which are owned by Washington County, Utah. The Silver Reef Foundation is chartered as a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit corporation. The Corporation is guided by its Board of Trustees, or Directors as they are now referred to, who have the legal and fiduciary responsibility to guide it per its articles of incorporation and bylaws. As stated in the Purpose section of its articles of incorporation, the Silver Reef  Foundation, Inc. is to promote the development, operation, and availability to the public of the Silver Reef Museum as well as promoting the preservation and restoration of historical monuments, buildings, artifacts, and sites located in Silver Reef. 

The Silver Reef Foundation needs your help, however, in carrying out these goals. First, come visit us and fall in love with the Reef, we know you will. Then, if you have the opportunity, means, and will to help us protect and promote the Reef to future generations and visitors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
The Silver Reef Museum is supported in part by the 
Washington County Recreation Arts and Parks (RAP) Tax.
Additional Support Needed to Keep the Museum and Grounds Open Comes From: