Leeds Mill & Mining Area - Hell Town
Over the White Reef past the ASARCO mine shaft and to the right is an area referred to as Mill Town by some, and Hell Town by others. In the late 1880's this area was home to the Leeds Mill and Mine, along with many miners who did not care for the more civilized life in Silver Reef. Several ruins, mine shafts, and tailing piles exist in this area along the White Reef on one side, and the beautiful red cliffs and mountains on the other.   Once over the While Reef, many of the roads in this area are less treacherous, but a high clearance four wheel drive vehicles is still recommended.  

Some of this area is on private land, so when accessing it, please be respectful of the owners rights. Obey any signs, do not try to enter fenced in areas, do not damage or deface structures, do not take anything that you may find,  or leave garbage / litter behind. Entry is at your own risk, and the owner is not responsible for your safety, or harm inflicted by others or the property itself.
Pictures of What You Can See in the Leeds Mill & Mining Area

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746