Red Cliffs Recreation Area
Just two miles southwest of Leeds is the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Beautiful canyon pools along with seasonal waterfalls, dinosaur tracks, and an ancient village site complement the massive red cliffs that the area is named for. Trails abound and go to all the above mentioned attractions. There is a fee for entering this Federal recreation area and camping at this popular site is provided. Potable water and pit toilets are available in the campground. After you leave Silver Reef go back to the main street in Leeds and head south (right). Go about two miles until you come to Harrisburg, and signs will then direct you to the right under the highway. Then you will be directed to the left and you are on your way to more scenic sites and adventures in the vicinity of Silver Reef.   

Pictures of What You Can See at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area
More detailed information on visiting the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and Recreation Area is available on their web site.  A link is available to their site on our EXPLORE page.   

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746