Silver Rim Trail
A short way from Silver Reef in Dixie National Forest, is a trail that provides beautiful views of Silver Reef and the surrounding valley from above the top of the red cliff behind it. The whole trail, which mainly follows an old access road, is about a 6.5 mile round trip with a combined elevation gain of 1,000 feet. But to get to the best view points above Silver Reef is only a 2 mile round trip with about a 300 ft. gain. The trail then continues north down the cliff to the bottom of some more red cliffs to your right, which with their step like layers and enough imagination look somewhat like a natural temple. Then the trail crosses two washes before heading more or less south, paralleling the previous part of the trail high up on your left. 

Eventually you will come to a large sloping sandy wash. At this point the trail is not clearly apparent due to lack of constant use, so you will feel like you are making your own way most of the time. Also, this part or the forest has been designated as a wilderness area, so take extra care to protect this valuable resource. Cross the wash and proceed up the sparsely tree-covered hill, heading somewhat to your right to the crest of the hill in the center, along the tree line. At the crest of the hill you proceed down again into a valley surrounded by red rock walls. The terminus of the trail is signified by a picnic table under one of the few taller trees in the valley.

Going back up the hill, bear to the left to better see some of the unique coloration and rock features. Towards the top be sure to explore an almost cave-like crevasse next to a bell-shaped part of the cliff on your left. All the rock formations around this part are worth your time. If you still have the legs after you retrace your way back down the sage covered sandy hill, this time head up the sloping sandy wash towards the cliffs on your left. You will eventually come to some red rock ledges with beautiful dark red coloration. A good place for a rest after you have explored it. There is no potable water and no toilets on the trail. Also, please carefully check for rattlesnakes before you approach rocky outcroppings or hidden areas on the trail. 

To get to this trail from Silver Reef, head back towards Leeds, but when you come back to the main road, turn left instead of right. At this point the main road changes its name to Oak Grove Road. Past the speed bumps and Leeds Creek bridge the road will turn to gravel as it enters Dixie National Forest and becomes Forest Road 032. Right after you pass the end of the red cliff on your left, there is another  campsite on the left hand side of the road, and small parking area for the Silver Rim trail just to the right of that before the road continues up a rise. If curious where the road goes, see the Charcoal Kiln and Drive tab for more information.

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746