Volunteers Needed
Traveling Smithsonian Exhibit​

Museums On Main Street:  The Way We Worked
Silver Reef Museum is hosting this exhibit in the Fall of 2017.
We will need volunteers to help with various aspects of planning, 
designing and building a companion exhibit that focuses on the theme locally. 
Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers to work shifts in the Museum and to  
help with special events. 
If you have interest in any of these volunteer opportunities, 
please email us at Museum@SilverReef.org or call us at (435) 879-2254. 
- Thank You - 
Join us on our collective journey to explore the way we worked in Washington County over the last 150 years, as we prepare to host the upcoming Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street exhibition, “The Way We Worked,” coming in 2017.

This collaborative exhibit, featuring some of our pioneers of Washington County, is the kick-off for the Arts to Zion Showcase year-long series of collaborations with Washington County arts and cultural organizations in preparation for the Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street exhibition, “The Way We Worked.” Brought to Washington County by Utah Humanities, “The Way We Worked” will be hosted by the Silver Reef Museum in Leeds, UT from September to November 2017.

In anticipation, the Silver Reef Museum and the St. George McQuarrie Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) Museum have collaborated to present a unique pioneer exhibit at the Arts to Zion Showcase/Gallery 35, located in the Downtown Historic District, 35 Main St., St. George. This exhibit runs from July 13-August 12, with a public reception to be held July 23, 5-8 p.m. (Also open house during the George Streetfest 7-9pm on Friday Aug. 5th, 2016)

The “Snapshot 1880’s: The Way Our Pioneers Worked in Washington County” exhibit will display the surprising inter-relatedness of the pioneer communities of St. George-Harrisburg-Leeds-Silver Reef and explore how these communities not only co-existed, but flourished in their co-dependence. Displays of photographs and life/work history of many of the 1880s pioneers also will be presented. The exhibit will expose the public to both the Silver Reef Museum and the DUP Museum as resources to learn more about the community in which we live and how the work lives of the area’s pioneers contributed to today’s communities.

This exploration of work in Washington County is a perfect “kick off” for our community’s preparation to host the traveling Smithsonian exhibition “The Way We Worked,” which examines the importance of work as it relates to individuals and the culture of the community in which they live. In keeping with the “The Way We Worked” theme, Silver Reef Museum and Arts to Zion will be collaborating with all of the history museums/organizations in Washington County, gathering pieces of the story of how work influenced life in our greater community over the past 150 years. As we work toward the 2017 opening of Smithsonian exhibition at Silver Reef, we will be presenting special exhibits throughout the coming year in various Washington County locations.

Additionally, Silver Reef Museum is seeking artifacts, photographs, historic industrial equipment, oral histories, and volunteers to develop a more in-depth history and companion exhibit to accompany the actual Smithsonian exhibition in 2017.

“Snapshot 1880’s: The Way Our Pioneers Worked in Washington County,” an Arts to Zion Showcase collaborative exhibit, as well as programing at Silver Reef Museum and McQuarrie DUP Museum, have been supported in part by your Washington County Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax. Thank you for your support!
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“The Way We Worked” has been made possible in Utah by Utah Humanities. The exhibition, created by the National Archives, is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide. Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.
The Washington County, Utah tour of “The Way We Worked” is hosted by the Silver Reef Museum, Leeds, UT.
Many thanks to our local partners and generous funders for their support of “The Way We Worked” in Washington County.
Arts to Zion Showcase – July 2016 exhibit:
Snapshot 1880’s: The Way Our Pioneers Worked in Washington County
A Silver Reef Museum and Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum collaborative exhibit