The Wells Fargo Express Office was housed in a building which was completed in 1877. It had ornate arches in front with fortress style metal doors. Wells Fargo occupied the north side of the building where they ran the freight and stage coach operations as well as a bank. The south side of the building was home to the Woolley Lund & Judd Mercantile. Eventually, Wells Fargo turned the business over to them and when the mines played out in 1888, most businesses closed. By 1890's most buildings in the Reef were being moved to other places or just salvaged for materials. Luckily, due to its solid construction and incredible views out the front door, the Wells Fargo Building had been converted to a local residence, and as such, was both protected and maintained for many decades. In the 1980's restoration work began to convert the building into a museum, which it still serves as today.
Wells Fargo Express Office Building

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Building as a Museum
Building on Left, Next to Trees - 1870's
Back of the Building When Used as a House
Building in 1971