Volunteering at Silver Reef
Quite frankly, without the numerous volunteers who have come to Silver Reef's aid over the years, there would probably be nothing left - just the desert sand and a few piles of rocks. Countless volunteer hours have gone into keeping the Museum open, grounds maintained, and our many guests informed of the rich history of Silver Reef. The need continues though, for energetic volunteers in all areas. The following are just some of the constant needs for volunteers.  
Museum Docents
Our number one need is for Docents who can give tours and help run the Museum. There is a training involved and our greatest need is for people who can work a 3.5 hour shift (or the whole day) on a consistent schedule. If you can't and instead would like to work as an substitute, that is a need too.  
Building Repair & Maintenance
An ongoing need that can take a lot of time depending on the project. Some amateur skills and a full set of tools is a plus, though sometimes we just need a work crew.  
Building Cleaning
Two needs here. The first is for people who can on a weekly basis clean the Museum and the other is for volunteers who can clean the Cosmopolitan building after  special events  or periods of constant use like with the school program.
Grounds Care
Someone needed here to at least weekly canvass the grounds looking for trash, rogue weeds, or anything else that looks out of place.  In addition to this, all the trails need to be well-maintained each year.
Our two main show gardens need constant weeding, watering, and sometimes replacements. Also the grounds around the trails need cactus management to optimize the spring blooms guests expect to see.  
Help With Exhibits & Processing of Artifacts
Volunteers have put together whole exhibits under the direction of our curator and have also helped with the processing and storage of the many artifacts we receive. 
Help With Marketing & Promotion
Always a need for help here with the need going from the distribution of flyers and brochures to more involved activities.  
Special Events
Oftentimes with some of the bigger events like Ghost Nights, it is all hands on deck, with all volunteers being asked to help, no mater what their areas of interest are. Also, the lecture series and other events in the Cosmopolitan have sporadic needs for a volunteer to set things up for the event.  Volunteering for special events is a great way for those who don't have the time or schedule for regular commitments, to still help whenever they can.
Help With the School Program
If you love kids you will want to help with this activity. When school groups visit in the fall and spring there is a need for many volunteers to help work the various stations set up for them. Be prepared for a high energy experience because the kids love coming to Silver Reef and all the fun learning activities in store for them.