Many mine shafts and their tailings piles are still visible along White  Reef. The huge ASARCO mine shaft was dug in the late 1920's right on top of White Reef in an effort to connect many of the old 1880 mine shafts to recover ore left behind. Just when they were ready to start mining again, the big plan fell to ruins with the 1929 stock market crash. The area is most accessible by Bonanza Flatts Road (back towards Leeds, first gravel road on the right), but as you approach the While Reef, high clearance four wheel drive vehicles are recommended.  The old road up and down the White Reef is a highly eroded single lane, and at the Leeds Creek bed, is only passible by the most capable vehicles. 

This area is on private land, so when accessing it, please be respectful of the owners rights. Obey any signs, do not try to enter fenced in areas, do not damage or deface structures, do not take anything that you may find,  or leave garbage / litter behind. Entry is at your own risk, and the owner is not responsible for your safety, or harm inflicted by others or the property itself.
White Reef Mines

​1903 Wells Fargo Rd., Leeds, UT 84746